What is Wowshi™?

Wowshi™ (US Patent No. 10/528,915) is a baked pita sandwich, baked after a customer order is received. It may include ingredient such as chicken, ground beef, beans, falafel, or cheese. The baked sandwich is then given to the customer for them to customize the Wowshi™ from the salad bar. Wowshi™ is a sandwich that is fresh, healthful and customizable. It is a crisp, better-than-flatbread exterior with a hot, melty interior loaded with the flavors of Mediterranean. You want one?

Healthy, Crunchy, Tasty

Try Our Sesame Crunch!

$0.75 / candy

Bella Pita Sesame Candies

Grab our popular sesame crunch at the counter when you pick up your orders.  They are not only delicious and crunchy but also healthful.  Sesame seeds are a nutritious powerhouse!

Chicken Sandwich

We specialize in good food!

Enjoy our unique patented pita sandwich, Wowshi™! Your Wowshi™ is freshly baked for you after you order!









Fair Price

Customers love us!

Black Beans Sandwich

I’ve been to the top sushi places in LA, expensive hot spots… top Korean BBQ joints in ktown… but this may be my single favorite meal in Los Angeles.

Every time, I was completely satisfied. The food is fresh and the sauces are delicious. The best part — the prices are super affordable!
Laura C.

AMAZING! This small place is so reliable, fresh, and tasty…All the sauces are super impactful. The pita bread is baked per order, and falafels have a perfect texture.

Caitlyn V.