Enjoy a healthful, fresh, and tasty meal that fits your purposes and budget. Please call or email us.

We offer a variety of catering formats:

  1. A collection of Wowshis™ of your choice from our current menu, accompanied by our greens, and condiments. This is the most popular format allowing guests to customize their freshly baked sandwiches.
  2. Cooked on site meal for special occasions. As shown in the photo, the meal will be presented to accommodate your guests access to the items you order. Cooking on site require transporting our equipment and staff and therefore, there will be an additional charge.
  3. Your chosen plates contents presented in trays of say chicken, or ground beef or falafel, accompanied by greens and condiments.

Minimum catering orders are 10 Wowshis™ or plates, and all catering service includes plates, napkins, and utensils. For smaller orders (under 10), please use DoorDash.

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Catering for All Locations!

Pita Bella Catering

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