Benefits of Franchise

Join One of America’s Fastest Growing Teams in the Explosive Mediterranean Restaurant Business with Bella Pita. The business segment and demand for Mediterranean food has expanded enormously due to the healthy nature of the food, the price vs. value of the food quality and the growing interest in ethnic food segments.

The Bella Pita business model delivers result

The Bella Pita franchise is designed for today’s professional who is interested in joining the bustling fast casual restaurant industry. Lean, profitable, rapid growth and lower initial investment to open a location combine to make this industry one of the best opportunities for growth in the marketplace today. Benefit from years of experience in an industry that requires professional, accountable business attention and a keen eye for restaurant management. You have the opportunity to build your own business with the support and guidance of industry professionals so you never feel like you are in business by yourself but rather with a team who has been through this many times before.

Key Benefits:

Corporate Training Program
National Accounts
Established Name
Experienced Mentor
Field Training
Hiring Assistance
Proven Sales and Marketing Formula

History of the Bella Pita Franchise

Bella Pita was built on a proud tradition of professionalism and a unique, unwavering commitment to excellent food and great service. Medy Sanadidi, the company’s founder and creator is a Ph.D in Computer Engineering and until Bella Pita had not run or operated a restaurant operation. Long ago, he had immigrated to the United States from Egypt and knew that there was a need for a Mediterranean food concept that would answer the growing demand for this type of food and in a business model that made sense given the current economic climate and fast pace that Americans are always in.

Bella Pita was born and immediately the concept showed how successful and how large the market could be for the business and industry. The Bella Pita name and reputation was staked to a commitment that is fulfilled every day in that the customer’s needs are priority number one when they enter a Bella Pita restaurant. Bella Pita is a business model that was originally developed almost forty years ago. By bringing professionalism, service and great quality food to the customer each and every day, Bella Pita was quickly able to establish itself throughout the Los Angeles market with two locations in operation and a catering business that provided product and service throughout the southern California market. From the time the company was conceived, it was clear that the formula and business model would work anywhere there were customers and people looking for great food, a fun dining experience and really great value for their money.

Training & Support

The Bella Pita Franchise model provides a complete training and support program to franchise partners. This dedication to the franchisee’s business and in supporting the franchisee engrained in the core of the Bella Pita franchise system. The benefit of joining Bella Pita as a franchisees that you get to skip the learning curve of starting a new business and learn from our mistakes, successes and time managing the business. By providing you with years of business experience and coaching, you can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that typically plague a new business.

Corporate Training

Two Weeks at the Corporate Headquarters
Covers all Administrative Duties
Sales and Marketing
Employee Management
Bella Pita’s Leadership Skills
The “Service Mindset”
Understanding the Menu
Finding the right Location

Field Training:

Two Weeks in the Field at Your Location
Territory based Experience
Sales and Marketing
New Business Development
Assistance with Management
“Kick Off”


Field Support
Phone Training and Ongoing Support
24/7 Service to Franchisees
Bella Pita’s Dedication to the “Family”

Vendor Relationships & Strategic Partners:

Because Bella Pita has been in the industry for long enough and has established such a brand position with vendor accounts and strategic restaurant supply organizations, you will benefit as a Bella Pita’s franchisee. Depending on the area and territory of your franchise, Bella Pita has the ability and commitment to leverage national account relationships and generate business for your franchise. The Bella Pita’s Strategic Partner list is extensive and recognized nationally, you will have the benefit as a franchisee of carrying forward that tradition of excellence and great restaurant experience which is delivered each and every day with the Bella Pita brand.

Our organization is meticulous about who we work with and who we choose to partner with as part of the Bella Pita brand. You can be assured that as part of the franchise system, the due diligence and screening process was carefully planned and that your pre selected vendors will be nothing but the highest quality and best service to you.

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